Tech Gyan

The train came to a grinding halt in front of the iron gates that enclosed the camp within double-perimeter barbed-wires. It was the beginning of April but the ground was still hard and frozen as the cold-iron. Snow and ash fell as a mixture of grey-mud that stuck to everything like a plague. A Nazi-guard opened the lock of the first apartment of the train, and about eighty frail-looking skeletal bodies of human forms stumbled out. "Schnell! You filthy pigs!", shouted the guard.

A man of about thirty-five stood on the side of the track, looking for someone in the crowd. The platform reeked of blood, piss and death. The compartment of the train had two buckets; one with the traces of the murky water and other overflowing with the fluids that the humans excrete. All the passengers were just numbers now. They had names in another life; a life long lost. The man was holding a piece of paper; half-portion of a piano sheet. The guard shouted again, "Schnell!". The man knew he had to move faster otherwise this platform would be the last of his earthly view.

A separate line of females and children was made and they were pushed with sticks towards the grey building in the campus. The building had two large chimneys which sent out billowing smoke as dark as the night. The man on the platform finally saw her in the line of females. He waved and tried to smile but tears spilled out instead. He knew she still held the other half of the sheet of the piano-notes. He kept looking until she disappeared from the view. Guards stood on the both sides of the gates holding dogs, which barked and barked and barked.

The guard on the platform shouted again, "Schnell you Jew!", but the man stood there looking up at the sky. Ash from the chimneys fell on his face and hair. He wiped the ash off his face and he heard the music. The notes from the other half of the piano-sheet were smeared across his face. He knew this was the last time he would hear that music. Their music. And then he knew; he was alone! "Schnell!", shouted the guard. And the man dragged himself into the line of men; holding the half-sheet of piano notes closer to his heart. "Schnell!" Shouted the guard.